Introducing Crowdsight

CrowdSight Announcement

Directions is pleased to announce the launch of CrowdSight™ . Our new solution to test product ideas, positioning/messaging routes, taglines, names, pack designs, claims, ad ideas, and more. CrowdSight™ is designed with the hybrid rigor we like when screening and shaping ideas, yet is simple and intuitive like most real-life decisions. It exploits instinctive social foresight by asking people to project market success rather than their own intent. This projective “Crowd” technique is more intuitive and less biased than self-predictions. Not only that, but it is engaging for respondents.

CrowdSight™ assesses market potential for your possibilities and is designed to look beyond the familiar to spot commercial potential. It delivers flexibility and consistency by using the powers of projection and social interaction, to predict the success of ideas rather than try to guess their own future purchase likelihood.