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Xcelerant Rapid Online Omnibus

Fast answers for your burning questions

You have questions and need answers you can stand behind - and you need them now. Speed. Reliability. Service. You can have it all for less than you think. Our Xcelerant technology-driven online omnibus survey solutions quickly connect your questions with nationally representative samples of real people for data in as few as 24 hours so your Marketing Insights, Public Relations, or Media team can act fast, with confidence.

Get Fast Answers

Purposefully designed to achieve maximum speed and ready to flip on as soon as you say ‘go!’ Our interconnected set of proprietary tools remove the friction created by human touchpoints and enable data to flow through to you at industry leading speeds.

Save Money

Built to maximize cost advantage. Our system makes the most of resources and built-in efficiencies for one of the smartest, most cost effective business solutions in the marketplace.

Feel Confident

Backed by a team of trusted experts for quality results you can stand behind. Our extensive quality checks ensure data is from real, unique people who comply with our stringent sample requirements.

Online Omnibus Use Cases

Track & Trend

  • Get a quick read as often as the need arises
  • Get results on a regularly scheduled basis
  • Field weekly for real-time, constant monitoring

Innovate & Optimize

  • Prioritize ideas
  • Test and refine concepts or products
  • Optimize pricing


  • Profile your target
  • Size the market
  • Measure awareness, attitudes, usage

Build Story

  • Gauge sentiment on issues or events
  • Poll on business, political or social topics
  • Gather stats and insights for publicity

Quick Test

  • Test content, messaging, taglines and headlines
  • Pre-test print, radio and video ads
  • Check incidence

Surveys To Meet Your Specific Needs

National U.S.

Next-day results from 1,000+ demographically balanced, nationally representative U.S. adults

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Rapid results fielded across multiple countries, fully supported by global experts

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Hassle-free access to nationally representative, demo balanced U.S. samples, all year long with one purchase order

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Fast and flexible for groups of interest (e.g., geographies, lifestages), hard-to-reach audiences or other unique needs

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The interactive nature of Xcelerant deliverables maximizes your ability to analyze omnibus survey data, and you get them as soon as the next day after field so you can act fast, with confidence!


Easy-to-use, interactive dashboard with 50+ standard demographic filters, plus ability to export into editable PowerPoint slides. 


A simple, yet powerful add-on feature allowing you to dig even deeper. Use the intuitive drag & drop interface to easily create your own custom variables, filters, banners, and crosstabs. Conduct stat tests and export results into Excel. Create new charts and export into PowerPoint.

  • Simple drag & drop functionality
  • Secure, reliable online platform
  • Ability to specify type of access for different users
  • Dedicated support from Directions online dashboard team
  • Tracking Studies: View trend lines
  • Global Studies: View differences between countries with individual and combined dashboards


Comprehensive data viewer has all questions and answers in a single interactive file with 50+ standard demographic groups and significance testing built in.

  • Filter banners by demographic groups
  • Toggle between proportions and counts
  • View weighted and unweighted data
  • Adjust stat testing confidence levels


Custom banners, table setups, trending, open-end coding, text analytics, etc.

Dedicated Expertise, Service, and Support

Ed Petrone

Ed Petrone

VP, Xcelerant Lead


Ed brings over 15 years of experience, specializing in developing best-in-class online omnibus solutions.

A trusted advisor and partner to clients, his leadership is driven by his passion for quickly connecting people to the right answers they need to make the best business decisions.

Fueled by creativity and care, Ed and the Xcelerant team of research experts ensure personalized support every step of the way.

  • Questionnaire development, sampling, data analysis, among other functions
  • Wide range of industries and research sample areas
  • B2C, B2B, and hard to reach audiences
  • Global research

Ed talks live about key benefits of Xcelerant and ‘why it’s not your grandfather’s omnibus survey’ on THE R.I.D.E., a podcast focused on innovation in the insights industry.

Directions is independently recognized as the #1 custom insight provider for CUSTOMER SERVICE by the Prevision annual survey of market research buyers

Xcelerant In Action

  1. Quiet Quitting: The New Phenomenon (or did we just now give it a name?)

    November 2022

    This Xcelerant team sought to measure the awareness, participation, and cause of the latest workplace trend, “Quiet Quitting,” among current full-time American, Canadian and British workforces.

    Read more
  2. All Tricks, no treats? Inflated Candy Prices just became scarier than Halloween

    October 2022

    The Xcelerant team was curious to find out whether the 13% inflation of candy costs would alter this year’s Halloween agendas among U.S. adults and their families.

    Read more
  3. Monday-Funday? Fri-Yay? Most American Adults in favor of a 4-day workweek

    September 2022

    The Xcelerant team sought to uncover the potential and support for a 4-day workweek in the United States, and whether companies or employees should be in control.

    Read more
  4. Be Kind To Your Mind - The State of Mental Health in America

    July 2022

    The team had a keen interest in discovering how the past year has impacted the general well-being of consumers, and how employers are both promoting and fostering a culture centered around mental health.

    Read more
  5. The Decade of Firsts

    July 2022

    The world was forever changed in 2020, pushing all of us outside our comfort zones and into trying new things for the first time. Now, a couple of years deep in this decade, the Xcelerant team reflects back on the magnitude of change in American behavior, specifically across generations.

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  6. 10 Ways Xcelerant is Breaking Down the Barriers of Traditional Omnibus Surveys

    January 2022

    Let’s face it, traditional online omnibus surveys hold value, but in today’s ever evolving world, marketing, PR, and media teams require more flexibility and speed than they can offer. That is why Directions developed Xcelerant.

    Read more

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