IdeaSprint™ Ultra-Fast Ideation + Consumer Testing Solution

Engage and inspire your cross-functional team to generate 100s of creative ideas and immediately put them to the test with real-time consumer and peer feedback.

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Cross the Innovation Finish Line Faster!

The typical ideation and early innovation process can be time-consuming, expensive, and downright exhausting, but with IdeaSprint, what used to take weeks or even months can be achieved in just 8 hours!

Qualitative Creativity

Custom-designed idea generation exercises incorporate collaboration and just enough friendly competition to truly engage and inspire your team of stakeholders. They leverage existing consumer insights, and layer on unexpected twists to create 100s of new-to-the-world ideas.

Quantitative Confidence

Proven behavioral science-based survey designs collect feedback from 1000s of actual consumers in real-time, with results streaming on our Live! Leaderboard. Further, enlisting your cross-functional team to rate top ideas on feasibility empowers them to impact the pipeline.

Sprint from Coast to Coast

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In-Person Sessions

  • Complete in one work-day or split into two half-days
  • Host anywhere in domestic US with a WiFi connection, large projection screen or TV, and space for 15-30 people
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Virtual Sessions

  • Complete in two half-days
  • Host anywhere in domestic US with a WiFi connection

Keep a Track Record of Your Results

By the end of the sessions, you’ll have a short, manageable list of insights-inspired, consumer-optimized ideas, plus the tools you need to prioritize them for further testing and development.

Live! Leaderboard

  • Real-time consumer ratings
  • Team scores

Data Viewer

  • Sprint Scores
  • Polarization data
  • Optimization feedback
  • Feasibility ratings

Results Summary

  • Foundational insights
  • Session recap
  • Full results

Meet the Coaches

Emma Reeder

Emma Reeder is an empath and connector. She finds her spark bridging the quant and qual worlds, and is always looking for ways to create efficiency - especially when it comes to innovation. While she’s busy breaking traditional thinking, her Siberian husky and manic cat are busy breaking things in her house.

Justin Masterson

Justin Masterson is an innovation strategist nigh-obsessed with the creative promise of humankind. He leads insight and innovation work focused on tying the human experience into the idea-generation process. He also wants to talk to you about bourbon, pinball, and your podcast recommendations.