Insight Development with Directions Research

To be truly transformative, business insights must be rooted in deep human understanding and purposefully developed in the context of your unique business situation.

They must also be delivered with a strong point of view and clear, actionable recommendations to maximize their impact on your organization.

But how do you get to insights that influence?

Insights to Influence™, cleverly condensed to i2i, is our proprietary foundational approach to insights development. It provides a common framework to ensure that each step of our process is grounded in your business situation. It creates a consistent experience for you and allows our teams to effectively connect the dots between the data we collect, the insights we develop, and the decisions you make.


This is where we roll up our sleeves to dig in and understand your business and exactly what insights are needed to support decision-making.


Next, our team taps into its collective expertise to map out a comprehensive, fully-custom project plan laser-focused on your unique objectives.


With data in hand, our expert analysts, data scientists, and consultants begin exploring with purpose and share big ideas with you early on so you can weigh in.


Your most influential insights get wrapped up tight in compelling, concise, surprise-free deliverables that are ready to take straight to stakeholders.


We guide your team in turning insights into tangible strategies and actions that drive business impact.

About Directions

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Directions is a top business insights and analytics company. We were founded over 30 years ago with the distinct mission to form long-term partnerships with marketing, consumer insight and B2B insights leaders and professionals, empowering them to impact strategic business decisions and drive action in their organizations - and we remain as passionate about living that out today as ever!

Directions is the full-service marketing research division of Directions Inc, an employee-owned firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with regional offices around the country, conducting work globally.

We're all in on the transformative power of i2i


Setting the standard

Our Insights Development team is dedicated to developing best-in-class integrated intelligence frameworks to drive impact for you.


Setting the standard

All employees are trained in the i2i Insights Development framework, attend continuous education sessions, and collaborate with on-staff analytic mentors and graphic designers to deliver some of the most impactful reporting in the industry.


Setting the standard

Want to host an Insights Development training for your team? Our experts will guide your team through a half-day session tailored to your goals, your organization, and your industry. Through both instruction and hands-on practice, your team will learn a foundational approach to developing insights that drive impact in your organization.

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