Unlock your market potential with innovation.

Innovation is the key to breakthrough business success in today's fast-paced and hyper-competitive market. It unlocks creativity, collaboration, and strategic thinking to bring new ideas to market and, ultimately, fuel growth and long-term profitability.

The front-end of innovation encompasses a variety of activities, including identifying opportunities, generating ideas, evaluating concepts, and shaping initial strategies. It turns inspiration into tangible innovations by working with teams to generate new ideas, select the most promising concepts to pursue, and create an overarching blueprint for success.

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The benefits of focusing on...
well, the benefits.

Accelerate time-to-market and minimize the risk of failure by partnering with experts in innovation – that’s us!

We know that successful innovations aren’t born out of a focus on the product, your company, or even your customers – it’s all about the benefits to the customer. That’s why we make it a point to keep customer needs at the center of our research designs in each of the following stages in the innovation process.

Exploratory Market Research

Get a crystal-clear understanding of your target customer’s needs and desires before you jump into developing new ideas. This stage identifies the best opportunities by discovering gaps in the existing market, emerging trends, customers’ jobs to be done, and unaddressed pain points.

Idea generation

Bring diverse perspectives together to bang out game-changing innovations in a creative, risk-free environment. Engage your team in collaborative ideation sessions to brainstorm, build on, and refine hundreds of new, benefit-driven ideas. We often invite real consumers to co-create or provide their input as part of the process as well! Only ideas found to have real feasibility and high potential for market success move on to the next stage. 

Concept testing & optimization

Determine which concepts should be prioritized for development - but be careful not to throw out good ones in the process! Many of today’s breakthrough innovations would fail requirements of the standardized concept testing systems offered by big corporate marketing research companies. That’s because they are designed to only discover ideas with mass appeal. But we don’t believe in forcing your concept testing to fit into a box. We work with you to define your custom success criteria and conduct rigorous testing and optimization to quantify your true in-market potential.

Activation workshops

Ensure a seamless transition from the front end of innovation into the actual development and commercialization stages. The goal of activation is to guide cross-functional teams as they bring innovative ideas to life. The activation stage is critical for turning the insights gained from innovation research into tangible strategies and driving favorable outcomes for the business.

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