Become relentlessly relevant with brand insights.

To have any chance of standing out in today’s noisy and saturated markets, your brand must be relentlessly relevant. Unconditionally authentic. Distinctly differentiated. But in the thick of it all, how do you know where you truly stand?

Brand equity research, a.k.a. brand health research, measures the power and position of your brand in the minds of consumers across a composite of dimensions such as awareness, use, perceptions, and emotional connection. High brand equity scores often go hand-in-hand with higher sales and profits.

Use insights from brand Equity research to:

Uncover key drivers of brand preference

Determine areas of strength and weakness

Influence advertising and communications

Inform portfolio strategy

Fuel customer loyalty and retention

Track changes in brand perceptions over time

Golden egg in carton of eggs

The brand with a plan.

Trust that we have some of the most forward-thinking thought leaders in the industry when it comes to brand equity research. We partner with brands like yours to make sure you are staying true to your core customers and ahead of your competition. Our custom-designed brand equity research solutions will help you understand your brand at a strategic and granular level. It starts with our proprietary brand equity framework, which is supplemented by your unique KPIs, and ends with an accurate and tailored reflection of your brand and its competitors in the markets where they compete. 

The strategic brand insights you get from our work will empower you to understand, build, and leverage your brand equity to create distinct and category-defining relationships, and an unshakable competitive advantage. 

Brand equity & brand tracking research make up 22% of our total business.

Find your momentum with brand tracking.

Where is your brand today, and where should it go tomorrow? Keeping track of your brand’s equity, health, and competitive strength over time is critical as market trends evolve and shift. Over half of our brand research is fielded in regular intervals to monitor for trends and shifts in consumer perceptions so you can adapt quickly and maintain an optimal position in the market.

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