Laggards get left behind in the high-speed technology industry.

Technology is among the fastest-paced industries and shows no signs of slowing down.

While the rapidly changing landscape and speed of technological innovation provide opportunities for accelerated growth, they also require technology businesses to respond quickly to stay relevant and ahead of the competition.

Current technology industry trends to monitor include:

Accelerated demand for digital innovation

Shift to cloud technology & digital transformation

Adoption of remote & hybrid work environments

Increasing cybersecurity threats & data breaches

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Maximize your bandwidth.

Adapting to the unprecedented challenges and opportunities in this dynamic, global market demands flexibility, innovation, and speed.

Our technology and telecommunications marketing researchers have decades of experience keeping some of the top brands in the technology industry ahead of changing market conditions and customer needs.

Every day, we put our deep understanding of complex technical topics and marketing research expertise to work for tech businesses just like yours.

A well-connected network.

No matter how you slice it, you just can’t get quality insights without quality sample. That’s why we partner with the best of the best when it comes to recruiting hard-to-reach B2B and consumer respondents from around the world.

Business Decision Makers

Small Business Owners

IT Decision Makers

Business & Consumer End Users

International Respondents

Critical information with strategic applications.

Technology marketing research provides critical information about your market, target consumers, and business customers.

We go beyond data to develop clear, actionable insights that help you make fast and smart decisions about:

Positioning your brand within the competitive landscape

Optimizing marketing & communications

Identifying emerging threats & growth opportunities

Addressing the needs of your target market

Developing a new product, service, or feature

A full stack of solutions to drive your business forward.

Tell us about the decisions you need to make, and we will custom-design a research plan and analytic solution that is right for you. Projects can be as simple as a quick snapshot or as advanced as a global tracking program. Plus, our broad capabilities can help you achieve both quantitative scale and qualitative depth, so there’s no need to browse any further!

"Like a virtual Rubik's Cube for optimization."

Work out the optimal concept, feature, or marketing communication, even when the number of possible combinations seems endless, with AMO Adaptive Marketing Optimizer! Tech audiences will enjoy the adaptive ‘build your own’ activities. You will enjoy the simple, straightforward results.

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