Directions is a top business insights and analytics company. We were founded over 30 years ago with the distinct mission to form long-term partnerships with marketing, consumer insights, and B2B insights professionals, empowering them to impact strategic business decisions and drive action in their organizations - and we remain as passionate about living that out today as ever!

We are proud to be 100% privately owned by senior staff.



Randy Brooks founded Directions Research with the mission to form long-term business partnerships with clients through superior design, analysis, communication, and unsurpassed responsiveness. His vision was for the business to be owned and operated by senior management.

Directions Research Inc logoRandy Brooks smiling in front of a Directions sign


Randy and a small team of 4 moved into the historic Flatiron Building in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Directions research buildingDirection's research building


The company reached $10M in annual sales with a total of 50 employees.


'Web' surveys quickly replaced telephone and mall interviews.


Revenue grew a staggering 55% over the previous year, reaching $20M in annual sales, and over $100M cumulative sales, with 100 employees.

Employees gathered for company photo


Ownership expanded to almost 30 employee shareholders.

Employees gathered for company photo


Jim Lane was elected CEO and president of Directions Research. The company released a new logo.

Two men shaking handsCompany logo and link to the homepage


Directions Research shortens its name to ‘Directions.’ Directions acquires SEEK Company, a qualitative insights and analytics consultancy. Randy Brooks retires and assumes the role of Chairman of the Board.

Directions logo


The company reached $50M in annual sales, surpassed 40 employee shareholders, and expanded to a 5-person Board of Directors.


Directions acquired Aimpoint Research® - a global strategic intelligence firm specializing in agri-food. The company moved to a “Work from Anywhere” policy and hired 47 new employees from all across the country for a total of 210 employees.


The company reaches $1B in cumulative sales with 230+ employees and 56 employee shareholders.

Directions is the full-service quantitative marketing research division of Directions Inc, an employee-owned firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with regional offices around the country, conducting work globally.

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